Web Design vs Development: What’s the difference?

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Nowadays, a strong online presence is vital for companies of all sizes, and if you  are a business owner, you should know that having a website allows prospective customers to easily find your services and it is the way to provide them with valuable information about your company. It is, basically, the id of your business.

However, to have an effective website, you need great web design from a visual point of view and great web development from a technical one. This means that users expect to find an aesthetically pleasant and easy-to-use website.

While they might sound similar, web design and web development focus on different things. Read below for more information on how these two elements go hand-in-hand in the website creation process.

While they may sound similar, web designers and web developers have very different roles and distinct responsibilities. Designers focus on the front-end and visual aspects of a site, which influences its usability and overall UX. Developers, on the other hand, are responsible for taking the concepts and ideas laid out by designers and coding them into fully-functioning websites.

What is web design?

Web designers focus on the front end, visual aspects of a website, and on planning how it will look and function. All these features influence UX(user experience) and UI(user interface). Content also falls under this area, so you need to consider SEO when working on website setup and layout.

What is web development?

Web development is the technical process involving the building of a website so, unlike website design, it does not focus on the look, feel, or layout of a website. There are several coding languages web developers use, such as HTML, CSS, Python, or JavaScript and when it comes to developer types, we differentiate backend, frontend, and full stack developers. A developer will also have to incorporate interactive features, such as a log-in or contact form into the architecture of the website.

Similarities between web design and web development

Web design and web development are key elements for companies that want to have a successful online presence. Creating, designing, testing, and maintaining websites falls into the responsibilities of both web designers and developers, who must dispose of strong analytical skills and stay ahead of the latest trends and innovations when it comes to building a website.

Differences between Web Design and Web Development

We saw above how web design emphasizes aesthetics, so web designers need to make sure that what users see fits the brand of the business- from colour schemes to pictures and logos used –there are 1,912,313,531 active websites out there, so you need to make sure yours stands out from the crowd. A web designer should master graphic design software such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator and have an understanding of layout principles and professional design standards.

Web developers are the “architects” of a website- they are responsible for building the functional aspects of it- and they should be proficient in HTML, CSS, or JavaScript.


Both web design and web development play a critical role in building, constructing, and maintaining websites and they ultimately coexist to offer users a quality product and experience. If you are ready to make your online presence known, our professional web designers and developers are here to help.

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