How to approach a website redesign

Website Redesign

The digitalized planet we live in is constantly evolving, and your website needs to keep up with the fast-changing online world to meet the customer’s expectations. Redesigning your website is the way to do it to mirror your business potential and engage your target audience. Below we talk about the best tips for approaching a website redesign.

What is a website redesign?

A website redesign process aims to improve performance, conversions, and user experience by upgrading the existing technology, layouts, or content.

What are the steps to take when it comes to website redesign?

1. Determine your business and website’s objectives

A clear goal is the starting point of a successful website and business. Are you looking to increase the number of visitors or sales, improve domain authority or reduce the bounce rate? Remember that a website’s functionality brings measurable results when choosing your objectives. Also, ensure that users understand your branding from the first few clicks.

2. Define your audience (or customer’s) persona

Your content and website design need to revolve around your target audience. If you don’t speak their language, users will rarely make a second visit to your site. When developing your website redesign strategy, connect with your audience and meet their needs.

3. Make your website user friendly

The usability of your website is a crucial element. Visitors won’t spend time navigating it if it’s not easy to use. Anything from improving site layout, making online forms efficient, or mobile compatibility is what makes your website user-friendly, so make sure you focus on this in the redesign process.

4. Choose the right software

This is one of the most important elements of your website redesign, as the CMS (Content Management System) is the system that controls your website. It’s the place where you can create, modify and manage your website’s content.


If you are ready to start your website redesign, remember the easy and effective steps above. Choosing the right CMS, user-friendliness, clear goals, and branding are just a few tips that will increase the number of site visits or convert more customers.

Our team of expert web designers can give you all the support you need in the process. Contact us today!

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