Goal Setting: 3 Steps to Success



I know that in January all you read about is goal setting. However, everyone tends to focus on yearly goals and resolutions, which are definitely important, and end up forgetting all about weekly micro goals and targets.

Weekly goals and targets are simply your long-term goals broken down into everyday mini-goals or mini-milestones. They are the actual action plan that you need to follow if you want to achieve your bigger objectives.

Having weekly goals and targets in place is important for any kind of business as they provide a clear direction for everyone in the business and help teams work together more effectively.

Nevertheless, there are cases of businesses with clearly set out weekly goals and targets that still end up failing to hit them. That can be down to a number of different reasons.

In my experience, there are three main steps to follow if you want to achieve your goals without fail, just as I explain in this video.

1. Set out your weekly goals and targets. Break down your yearly objectives into smaller parts and create a weekly plan. Make sure you communicate that with your team and anyone else you work with, such as freelancers and contractors, as it is important that you all work towards the same targets.

2. Work hard. The reason most start-up businesses end up failing usually revolves around work ethic. If you are a new business owner, make sure you are working around the clock. Flexibility and money will come later, but only if you put the hours in!

3. Make your business your number 1 priority. Don’t procrastinate by doing other things that are not as important. Focus on hitting your weekly goals and don’t give up until they are hit every week. The first couple of years of running a business are absolutely crucial for its future so make sure that your business remains your top priority.

I’m sure that if you follow my advice, you are more than likely to succeed!

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