UX Design 101: What makes a great website?

UX design


A great website is essential to a successful business and understanding the basics of UX will help you create the best content and design for your website.

Use experience design represents the personal experience your customers go through when visiting your site- also called interaction design for this specific reason. If you are wondering how to make your website look and feel like walking into a fascinating building, you don’t need to be experienced in web design. Read below to find out the tricks that make a great website.

1. Focus on research

The first step to a good UX is to ask yourself who your product is for. If you know what your visitor’s expectations are, you are on a good path to designing a great website. Some of the questions to consider when doing your research are:

  • Why should potential customers choose your website? What makes it stand out from the crowd?
  • What are the needs of your visitors and how can you fulfill them?

2. Choose one main audience

Planning website content that appeals to multiple audiences is impossible-focusing on a primary audience is your best bet when designing a strong website. This will result in more on-page interactions and, implicitly, in a higher ranking in search engines.

3. Accessibility

After you determine your target audience, make sure you don’t forget about the rest of your visitors. The best UX is the one accessible to everyone. This can be done with easy-to-read texts, having clear visuals, and even using only touch elements.

4. Clear wording on Menus and CTA buttons

Using simple language like “sign up” or “contact us” on menus is effective when trying to prompt your audience to do something, so make sure you leave out complicated or unclear sentences that can drive your users away.


There are some essential things to consider when designing a great website that matches your brand philosophy. If you are still unsure of how to achieve this, leave it to the specialists.

Contact us today! Our experienced web designers are here to help you create a website that makes your visitors feel at home!

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