THE MOST Important Thing in The Business World!

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A much more powerful approach to describing your business is to talk about why you do what you do, why you want to become an entrepreneur, why you have decided to offer a particular product or service, etc. Focus on why you’re fulfilled by your career choice and what about it excites you. 

The reason that makes the ‘why’ so much more impactful than the ‘what’ lies in our human nature. At our essence, we draw motivation by knowing why we do things. The ‘why’ is our purpose and people need a purpose to do great things. Just as entrepreneurs need to know their ‘why’ in order to be able to motivate themselves to work hard, but also make an impression and sell it to others.

Selling is all about relationship building. If you are able to convince others that what you do has a great purpose, then people are much more likely to buy. Nowadays, having a great product is not enough anymore as consumers favour those companies that communicate their ‘whys’ effectively.

I always encourage my mentees to practice their ‘why statement’ and build that into a story so that they can share it with the rest of the world too. My own ‘why’ is based on my personal passion to help budding entrepreneurs as I explain in this video.

What is your why?

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  As business owners or budding entrepreneurs problem solving is part of our DNA, so coming up with


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