What is the Purpose of a Website?


Deciding to have a website is a crucial decision for your business, but it is more important to determine its purpose. Why? Because this is a key step in mapping out the rest of the digital strategy. Knowing exactly what the website’s purpose is and the type of users visiting it will help your business grow. There are over 1.5 billion websites worldwide today, so to stand out and before answering what is the purpose of a website exactly, you need to have a clear idea of its type and users, as it is the public face of your business.

1. The Purpose of E-Commerce Websites

E-commerce websites are like an online showcase where users can remotely select the desired products from the catalogue and make orders online, so the main purpose of any eCommerce website is sales. Clear communication with the customers and a user-friendly checkout and payment process are mandatory for a successful e-commerce website.

2. The Purpose of Entertainment Websites

These websites provide entertaining information for visitors, such and can be related to movies, arts, celebrity news, and sports coverage. Entertainment websites can be easily recognised by bright images, animation, and online games, so mostly dynamic content.

3. The purpose of service-based business websites

Business websites provide visitors with information or a visual portfolio like testimonials, the work and services provided etc. The purpose of these types of websites is to convince users to become customers by providing a trustworthy and experienced service.

4. The purpose of an informational website

An informational website is where users can find all the necessary, updated information on a specific topic. These types of websites are usually designed with a large audience in mind and may contain tips and tricks, directions, instructions, guidance or fix and repair “how-to’s”.Informational websites usually rank high in engine searches, as they are seen as relevant to users.


Taking time to identify your website’s purpose is the first step in developing your business’s future strategy and performance. The type of website depends on your target audience and the message you want to send across-and experienced web designers can help you achieve this.

No matter what type of website you are looking to build, our experienced team is here to help – get in touch today for more information!

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