What is the Golden Ratio in Web Design?

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When it comes to an effective web design, a clear interface is one of its key characteristics: users find it more appealing and can easily access the information they need. But why are some designs better than others? To create a visually pleasing and efficient website, web designers use many techniques and one of the most common ones is the golden ratio.

What is the golden ratio in web design and how can this technique help to improve the quality of a website? Read below to find out all the information regarding it.

1. What is the Golden Ratio?

Simply put, a golden ratio is a mathematical number that can be found almost everywhere: music, art, nature, or architecture and it translates into the harmony and balance that is aesthetically pleasing to human eyes. Mathematicians, therefore, came up with a formula that can be found in the majority of the things-the Fibonacci sequence. The golden ratio is also known as the Golden section, Divine Proportion, or the Greek letter Phi, and is a number that approximately equals 1.618.

2. How is the Golden ratio used in web design?

When it comes to an effective website design, developers need to pay attention to each separate element, starting from an icon, image or typography, as visual perception is very important to users. This can be done by using a rectangle to place elements in an aesthetically pleasing way on the website. Professionals mostly use 2 grids:

The Phi grid- named after the Greek letter which represents the golden ratio, helps you determine the so-called focus points on the page and can also be used to crop images for your website.

The rule of third- divides the space on the page into nine equal parts and it is frequently used in photography.

Some concrete ways the golden ratio is used in web design are: cropping and resizing images, layout and logo creation, or typography and hierarchy definition.

3. What are the benefits of the Golden ratio in UI design?

There are many benefits that the golden ratio can bring to web design:

  • Appropriate white space: This is essentially the area between all the elements in a design composition.
  • Impactful first impression: Just like with people, first impressions are important when it comes to a website as well. Users decide whether they like it or not just within a few seconds, and using the golden ratio will help in creating a successful first impression.


There may never be a one-size-fits-all method when it comes to creating a successful web design, but using the concrete, mathematical technique of the Golden Ratio can help with providing a great user experience.

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