Mobile SEO Services: What are they?

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Searching for a product or a service online for most of us means taking out our mobile devices. Smartphones are an indispensable accessory in everyday life – have you ever wondered how many people access the internet from their mobile phones? The most recent statistics reveal a staggering 90%! Of which, 51% use their mobiles as the only form of internet access.

Google announced back in 2010 that they will be focusing more on mobile users in their design, and in 2018 they implemented the mobile-first principle, meaning that you will get search engine results from its mobile index, no matter what type of device you access it from.

This means only one thing for your business: If you don’t have a website that’s optimised for mobile, you are missing out on customers. Full stop.

Let’s see what mobile SEO services are and how they can help with increasing visibility and organic search traffic to your website.

What is mobile SEO?

Simply put, mobile SEO (mobile search engine optimization) is the process of optimising a website for search engine queries originating from mobile devices. Using the same process as desktop SEO, mobile SEO provides better rankings for your website based on relevant keywords within search engines.

Mobile SEO contributes to making the website mobile-friendly with a closer emphasis on design, structure, page speed, and more to make sure visitors have a great experience.

Types of mobile SEO

Although optimising for mobile devices requires the same procedures as desktop SEO, mobile search results are more volatile than desktop as they are determined by specific geographic factors. Here are 2 key types of mobile SEOs and their main characteristics.

Local SEO

Local SEO is probably one of the most important types of mobile SEO.

Why? Because it focuses on local searches! Statistics show that most local searches come from mobile devices AND they lead to in-person visits. Implementing local SEO strategies helps your business gain more visibility and reach the local audience (who are likely your best customers). It also helps improve organic traffic from searches in nearby areas. Want to rank well in a neighbouring area? Then rank well in your area! A perk of strong local SEO is that it helps your business rank higher in the search results in your neighbouring community.

So what does local SEO look like? There are loads of ways to boost your local SEO including your Google My Business profile, local citations, business directories and much more.

But, what’s the absolute BEST way to perfect your local search presence? It starts on your site. The best local SEO tactics are on-page

On-Page SEO

Also called on-site SEO, is the optimization of the content on your website. This consists of keywords, meta titles, headers, meta descriptions, internal links and more. Google prioritises mobile user experience, and on-site SEO is a great strategy to help your business keep up with their standards. On-page SEO is also a key factor in helping Google understand your website’s content, where you’re located, what services you offer and what keywords it should rank you for. If there is one thing you take out of this article, it’s that the best mobile SEO starts on page. Full stop (again).


Since Google focuses on a seamless user experience on mobile devices, implementing mobile SEO services is essential for every online business to ensure SERP sustainability. With over 50% of Internet users accessing the internet on sophisticated smartphones and tablets, the importance of mobile SEO is more relevant than ever before in obtaining the desired visibility and traffic to your website. If you’re looking for a mobile SEO service, give us a call and we can help get you started in the right direction. 

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